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Welcome to The French Travel Bureau

Here you will find a mouthwatering selection of unique tours, all designed especially for your French travel experience.

As well as arranging tours for all the usual tourist attractions in Paris, The Fr...

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About The French Travel Bureau


The French Travel Bureau is a division of Travel Makers, which has operated in Canberra since 1998.

France is the m...

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Facts About France

How much do you know about France?

A lot, little or nothing at all. It doesn't really matter how much, or how many times you come here, whenever you visit this beautiful land, there will always be something new to learn.


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Travelling by Rail in France

The French Travel Bureau can arrange and coordinate your rail travel, as you are traveling throughout France. Why not take the Train à Grande Vitesse, otherwise known as the TGV - High Speed Train?

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Car Hiring and Leasing

For those who prefer to savour the French countryside at their own pace and leisure, a self-drive holiday may be the way to go.

The French Travel Bureau can arrange car hire or leasing anywhere in Franc...

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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is highly recommended to cover against medical emergency and unforeseen cancellations.

We can provide you with the neccesary cover to give you peace of mind.

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